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House of Rain

Shoes: [House of Rain] - Morphine Queen Heels - Silver/Gunmetal   (21 Shoe open 'Nov 21)

About Event 21 Shoe

21 Shoe is a 24-hour floating event that takes place on the 21st of each month within Second Life. The event offers virtual shoeaholics the opportunity to snap up new and exclusive shoes at two-for-one pricing.

The 21Shoe event only lasts 24 hours each month, so you have to get ready, get set, and go once the clock hits 12:01am SLT on the 21st of each month. When the SLT calendar turns over to the 22nd, many of those styles will be gone forever!

Each designer is offering you two pairs of shoes priced at their normal store rate for a single pair. So you’re buying a pair of shoes at regular price, but getting a bonus pair free!

P.S.:  Good shopping!
Your Mary. 

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